ballpoint pen, watercolor/ink wash and white quache on toned paper
Charcoal, graphite, ink, china marker, sharpie, conte, watercolor and paper collage on chipboard
This series focuses on a dystopian outcome of the possible near future, where we, as people of a first world society, have become so completely reliant on the systems that take our trash out of sight and supply us with new products, that we do not think about what it would mean if these said systems were to one day disappear. The fictional landscape I have created from this outcome explores the survivalist and the psychology of collecting. Trash accumulates everywhere, leaving people no option but to reevaluate it, salvage it and potentially make use of it. 
This idea stemmed from my personal anxiety of the impact of everyday waste and my experience with closeness from living in a city. In the Summer of 2018, I had a dream of a Brooklyn where buildings were connected by sheets and within them contained labyrinths of false walls with no presence of light to navigate. Danger and excessive waste had caused people to remain in hiding; living on rooftops where at night they rely on the natural light of the moon. Those who remain in the city are desperate. The dark interiors of these buildings are lined with mattresses, blankets and sheets while behind them people lie waiting.
All of my work, in one way or another, relates to the theme of comfort, escapism and personal comforts and visions of mine. This includes my take on dystopia and horror, where in this series, I have integrated the comforts of silence, care, reminiscence, blanket forts, sentimental objects and the act of collecting. I have a long-lasting obsession with collecting various small things and a fascination for its care and useful nature. Outside of the underlying message in my series, I like to define it not as a glorification of any of these previously mentioned situations but rather a synthesis of a sort of mental state in need of comfort. And instead of sadness there is a melancholy that is reminiscent of the past, as surroundings exist as the ruins of great history.
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