How Do People Find Comfort in The Trash That Surrounds Them?
 Senior Review
"Rain Drops"
Found objects on wood board
"Don't Go"
Found object and paper collage
“Untitled” (Red Altar)
Found objects and wax on wood board
"Sticker Constellations"
Stickers and glow paint on cardboard
Senior Thesis Show 
This work is about self-healing, energy, metaphysics and the sentimental. It is also about significance among the insignificant, invaluable, undesirable, disposable. This work is a continuation of the dystopian trash world series I did last year that follows the idea that nature and the ruins of mankind will exist together forever, long after our extinction.
“Monster Mouth”
Fabric on upholstery foam, sawdust and wood
Found objects, soil and cherry blossom trees
Found objects and hair on fabric polyfill and wire
Found objects
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